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Most kids aren’t too fond of bath time, and it’s not always easy convincing them that it’s time to get in the tub. Fortunately, we know five great toys to help make kids more excited for bath time, and these might make this part of their routine a little bit more bearable for everybody.

Waterfall Toys

Waterfall toys come in wide varieties, and these slides, wheels, and other accessories allow kids to explore their creativity and see how many ways they can make the water flow through their own devices. Another excellent point in this toy’s favor is it often cuts down on big splashes.

Rubber Ducky

The rubber ducky is a classic toy for bath time, and your kids might not want to get in the tub without their floating friend by their side. Rubber duckies have a deep history and come in so many different colors and styles that you can find the ducky that’s the perfect companion for your kiddo.

Toy Boats

Like the duckies, a fantastic toy that gets kids excited for bath time is some form of a boat. Whether your kid prefers tugboats, yachts, or pirate ships, you’re likely to find the perfect ship for them to unlock fantasies of sailing on the high seas.

Water Flutes

Water flutes are a unique and fascinating toy for the musically inclined child in your life. These plastic tubes create musical sounds with different tones depending on how much water is in them. Letting your kids fill them up to different amounts and creating different tunes is sure to make a bathtub a livelier if noisier, event.

Sea Creatures

The bathtub is a fun place to experience the fun of the ocean. From eight-legged octopuses to fierce and powerful sharks, kids with a love of animals will enjoy acting out scenarios with their favorite sea animals as they clean up after a long day.

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