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Sorting through your child’s toys can be a long project. Some kids have a lot of toys, and as they grow, their interests change, and they may no longer use the playthings they once loved. Over time, this can lead to clutter in the basement, their bedroom, or the playroom. Nobody likes a messy home, and piles of toys can become an eyesore. Use these tips for getting rid of your child’s old toys easily with these parenting hacks.

Tell Them Ahead of Time

Donating old toys is a great way to reduce the clutter at home, but you can’t do it without warning your child. Younger children may have difficulty going through their belongings, and this is perfectly natural. Telling them, “We’re going through toys right now,” can feel stressful and as if they have no control over the situation. You can prepare your child by telling them you’d like for them to go through their toys within the week. This gives them time to prepare and a deadline for the project.

Do It Together

While your child may have plenty of toys that they no longer use, avoid taking it upon yourself to determine what to get rid of. You wouldn’t want someone sorting through your belongings without permission, and the same goes for your kiddo. Instead, work together to decide what toys should stay and which ones they no longer need.

If your child is young and struggles with the decision-making process, try asking them when they last played with it. Your child likely won’t miss toys that haven’t seen the light of day in several months or longer.

Pick Out a Charity

Finding the right charity is a wonderful tip for getting rid of your child’s old toys, specifically if you do it together. In a kid’s mind, once the toys are gone, that’s it. But by picking out a charity together, they’ll have an easier time understanding that another child will appreciate the toy as much as they once did. Many charities accept a variety of old items, such as toys, and some resell them and donate the proceeds to local charities. This allows families to buy toys at a discounted rate and gives charities the funds needed for their programs.

Keep Things Clean

Once you’ve set aside the items you’ve agreed can go to charity, give everything a look over to ensure nothing appears broken. You may need to clean off some toys if they have stains or marks, especially stuffed animals. This makes them ready to bring joy and hours of fun to another child!

Don’t Make It a Special Event

Many of us donate items around the holidays or before a big move, and while this is great, you should remind children to give to charity throughout the year. Many parents recommend doing this every couple of months. This prevents clutter from building up in the home, especially as your child gets new toys. Instill a love of giving in your child so that donating old toys never feels like a chore.

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