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How To Create A Functional Kids Space

Living with kids can certainly be chaotic at times. From plastic toys strewn across the living room floor to sticky messes on the furniture, kids have a way of making any space their own.

Despite this, there are ways for families to create harmony in their shared spaces. Below are some pointers on creating a multifunctional space where everyone can spend time together in their own way.

Define the Space

Before you get started on bringing your shared space to life, there may be some necessary prep work, such as clearing away clutter or unused items. It’s good to have these purges as kids age out of toys, playsets, and child-sized furniture. Furthermore, by doing this you can make room for the new and have a cleaner canvas that should make the space easier to define.

When you’re ready to set the scene, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Create a focal point and build out from that
  • Incorporate a playful theme or color-based design
  • Divide the area into different zones

Focus Attention

To have a family room that embraces playtime and still welcomes adults, you’ll want a comfy sectional or sofa. A bigger piece such as this could serve as a focal point while also creating a cozy spot for movie night, nap time, and more. Make sure the couch has an easy-to-clean fabric, such as spot-clean microfiber.

Similarly, you’ll want to opt for multifunctional furniture that can seat everyone comfortably. Aim for designs that include storage — such as an ottoman or center console — to really get the most out of the space.

Once you have a chosen focal point, design around it with the family in mind. To do so, try adding colorful, fun décor that appeals to each member. It’s recommended to stick to neutral colors for the furniture to better appease everybody; then, add pops of color in bright, cheerful tones with a rug, curtains, or another décor.

Play Up the Design

While a theme is more typical in a private space such as a bedroom or bathroom, it can also be incorporated into a room that the whole family uses. The key is finding a subject that either excites or interests everyone but keeps the look cohesive.

One suggestion is to choose a color scheme that blends with the rest of the home and then play it up more in the desired area. Be sure to select the right hues to keep the room feeling clean and the design intentional. If they are old enough, consider involving your children in this design process.

Another suggestion is to incorporate functional fixtures and build the theme around them. A bookshelf with an armchair or work desk is the simple thematic solution. What’s more, by having a “reading room” or “area of exploration” theme, the kids can spend time learning independently in a comfortable and connected setting.

Zone It Out

Whether it’s a family room, main living area, or any shared room throughout the house, you can break up the space into designated zones. For instance, in the family room, you can establish an area for a child’s special chair or play table. Having a portion of the room that your child can call his or her own helps instill a sense of belonging while helping you control potential messes.

However, you’ll want to choose attractive pieces that can fit with the aesthetic and not look too childish — otherwise, the room may not be as harmonious as desired. Achieve this with an accenting recliner, small-sized futon, or hardwood-topped play table. Similarly, you can erect shelves in one corner and place a comfortable rug at their base. Store your kids’ toys or activities inside these shelves and encourage playtime on the rug. Doing this can keep the play space separate but still within the common area.

Get Creative

Designing an inspired space that works for everyone doesn’t have to break the bank. By using DIY tricks and sourcing items already around the house, you can fashion fun and functional space the whole family will love as they play, relax and spend time together.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Franco is the owner of Nicole Franco Interior Design, a full-service interior design firm. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and focuses on building collaborative partnerships with her clients and contractors to create heart-felt designs.

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