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Does Your Fresh Loaf Of Bread Go Stale Often?

If you like to buy your loaves of bread from the bakery instead of it prepackaged and sliced, you may find that it gets stale pretty quickly. When that happens, you become disappointed that the bread you were looking forward to eating is no longer enjoyable. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens often. You end up waiting for a day to eat that bread after getting it, and then the next thing you know, it no longer is fresh and not enjoyable to eat. That is a real bummer.

What is the point in getting a fresh loaf of bread if it only becomes stale quickly? It happens within 24 hours as well. You may throw up your hands and say that you no longer are getting bread fresh out of the oven at the bakery. You may as well go back to sliced prepackaged bread – no offense to Wonderbread or Dempster! But that is not the kind of experience you want because nothing is better than fresh, steamy, warm bread!

Well, there is no need to give up the enjoyment of eating your delicious fresh starchy snack from the bakery. That is because there is a simple hack to keep that bread fresh for a long time.

How Do You Keep Bread From The Bakery Fresh For A Longer Time?

The answer to that question is easy. There is a reason that the baker puts the fresh loaves of bread into an open-ended paper bag, and that is to help keep the crusts crispy. However, as you know, oxidation happens fast since paper bags are breathable, and not only does that cause the bread to become stale pretty quickly, but it can encourage mold growth too. Eww. that is not what you want. Therefore, the thing to do instead is immediately place your loaf of bread into an air-tight plastic bag and seal it up.

Once you have your fresh baguette or crusty loaf into the plastic bag sealed up well, that will preserve the freshness. Oxygen will not spoil it, and you can enjoy your bread for much longer! It will stay fresh for days that way.


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