The basement development saga continues, as it should. I am looking forward to when they are done with the whole project. However, there definitely has been progress and today they finally got to getting the ceilings up. As you can see they roughed in where they will put the pot lights. We will be having to stock up on more pot lights.

basement creation expressive mom

They have started cleaning the floors. This means that they are getting ready to put the laminate in the rec room, and the tiling in the bathroom soon. Once they are done with patching up the ceilings, then the priming and painting will happen. It is hard to believe that a few weeks ago, the furnace and hot water tank were out in the open. Not to mention that there were no walls! Now they are enclosed in a room, thankfully! Those are certainly eye sores even though they serve a very important purpose in your home. That being said, it will be even better once they put the door on! Not only because of blocking the sight, however that area can be quite noisy. The area next to the furnace room that you can barely see in that pic is going to be part of the rec room, and plan to use it for my new office. I have to say I am really looking forward to that. I will keep you updated as new updates are happening!