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Walking is an exciting milestone for a child to achieve, even if they don’t fully know it yet. Due to their new mobility, a new walker’s parents must be prepared to support their mobility in a safe, fun way. Consult these primary things to remember when your toddler starts walking to ensure you’re ready to support their new adventure.

Support Them With Suitable Shoes

Toddlers need flexible shoes because they must accommodate the child’s foot growth and muscle development. Even wiggling their toes is helpful for kids to build their strength while walking. Moreover, kids need protection when they start taking their first steps.

If you want to begin taking them outside for walks, your child needs a shoe to shield them from rough terrain and objects on the ground. Buying a comfortable pair is one of the best ways to help children get used to wearing shoes, so don’t overlook any details when shopping.

Enjoy Their New Exploration Abilities

Of course, when kids start walking, it’s understandable for parents to grow fearful of the accidents that may occur, even if it’s just a small stumble on the floor. Don’t worry! You can keep an eye on the kids without deterring their exploration.

Having fun around the house is one way to promote exploration, but, as mentioned above, the right pair of shoes can provide perfect support for outdoor activities. So, if you think they’re ready, take your child on routine walks so they can stretch their legs, build their muscles, and indulge in the beautiful outdoors.

Reassess Every Room

One critical thing to remember when your toddler starts walking is that your previous childproofing methods may need an update. For instance, what objects around the house can your toddler now get to with their longer reach? Likewise, which doors can they now open with that reach?

From doors to drawers, reassess your home to ensure everything is safe for your young one. Exploration is great, but parents must check that their kids can explore safely every step of the way. Using the tips in this guide, you can provide that safety once your child takes their first steps.

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