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Because your child is one of the most important people in your life, you want what’s best for them. Taking care of all your child’s needs starts off in the early stages. If you’ve noticed they seem to be a little behind compared to other babies, don’t panic. You can easily rectify this. Encourage cognitive and language development for your toddler by following these enhancement tips. You will see a real improvement in your baby.

Promote Human Contact

Let’s face it. Your toddler is adorable, so of course, you can’t help but tickle and play with those chubby cheeks all day. But you may not have known how helpful all that human contact is for them. Hugging your toddler goes a long way when it comes to their developmental skills.

One hug a day encourages their emotional development, and toddlers need to tap into their emotions before they start to navigate society. Hugging makes them feel loved and cherished and will reduce aggressive traits in moments of frustration. Instead of throwing a tantrum, they can appropriately express their frustration.

Have a Sing-Along

When you want to increase your child’s attention span while teaching them, try having a sing-along. Make the content you present them fun and enjoyable. Coming up with some catchy lyrics and adding a melody will grab their focus.

Make it a collaborative activity and tell them to repeat after you. Try the phrase “when I say…you say” and see how well they respond to those instructions. There is a reason kids learn their ABCs through song. Try the same tactic when you teach them their numbers, and clap your hands to make it extra fun.

Take It Outside

Your toddler is very curious, and eventually, they will enter the “why” phase, asking you endless questions you might not have the answers to. Don’t discourage this behavior. In fact, you should do the exact opposite.

They will want to explore everything besides the toys you provide them in your home. Take them outside on nature walks so that they can see the world. You’ll teach them new vocabulary words with everything they see, and eventually, they’ll start repeating after you. Prepare yourself after that because that’s when the questions will start.

Tap Into Their Picasso Side

Encourage their creative side with some arts and crafts projects. Crayons, finger painting, and model clay will enhance their development because it taps into their sense of touch. They build their motor skills and tackle problem-solving when they work with the paint and clay.

The crayons will build early literacy skills when they scribble all over their color book. Don’t forget to display their art all over the house. You want to show them your pride and encourage them to make more art. Before you know it, they will be working on their developmental skills without any help from you.

Being a mom is a serious responsibility, but it’s also one of the most rewarding roles you’ll have in your life. Watching your toddler enhance their development with your help will fill you with pride.

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