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Whether you or someone you know has experienced the tribulations of braces, you know it can be stressful in the beginning. If your child is feeling anxious about wearing braces, there are ways you can help prepare them. From talking about the process to stocking up on supplies, boost your child’s confidence with the tips in this article!

Emphasize the Benefits of Braces

When you first bring up the topic of braces, your child might express anxiety about the prospect of wearing them for two or more years. While it’s easy to focus on the negatives, encourage them to view this experience as a benefit. Remind your child that giving them a beautiful smile is the end goal.

To make this fun, show your kids before and after photos of their favorite celebrities who had braces to give them a great representation of the benefits. You might also point out that many of their friends will share the same experience, so they won’t go through it alone.

Go Over Treatment Options and Walk Through the Process

After you remind your child of the benefits, go over treatment options and walk them through the process of braces. After all, not everyone will wear traditional braces! With your child, you might debate whether braces or Invisalign is the better option for them.

Once you decide which option is appropriate, walk through what your child can expect from their time wearing braces and from orthodontist appointments. During this conversation, listen and address any concerns they might have about the process.

Stock Up on Supplies

Prepare your child for braces by stocking up on supplies. An annoying part of wearing braces is the constant poking from the wires. To alleviate any discomfort, purchase a pack of orthodontic wax that your child can mold over the wires to help protect their cheeks from getting cut up. You should also stock the fridge and pantry with soft foods for when their mouth is sore from adjustments, either from tightened wires or a new set of aligners.

Help Your Child Establish an Oral Hygiene Routine

If your child gets traditional braces, they will have to change their oral hygiene routine to adjust to the brackets and wires. An electric toothbrush will help clean under and around the brackets. Additionally, show your child how to use floss picks and floss threaders to properly floss with the obstruction of bracket wires.

Braces can initially sound like a stressful concept for children. Luckily, as a parent, you can ease their anxiety by helping them prepare! Be open with them, discuss all options, buy the necessary supplies, and guide them through new routines.

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