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Bottled water exemplifies both the intriguing innovation of capitalism and a disregard for the environment. This wasteful product’s billion-dollar industry is stealing something that is essentially free and available to most communities worldwide. They take advantage of it, pack it, and sell it for a profit. Read on to learn more about the top reasons to stop drinking bottled water.

Plastic Bottles Contribute Heavily to Pollution

Even when recycled, plastic bottles are among the most typical everyday waste products created by people. Not to mention, it’s really impossible to determine whether your bottles are truly being recycled correctly, given the poor condition of the recycling business in the US. What happens to the ones that aren’t recycled? They persist for a thousand years, wiping out entire terrestrial and aquatic ecologies.

The Water Is Not Necessarily Cleaner

Your favorite bottled water may have a picture of a stream in a paradise on the label, but that is all there is to it. 25 percent of bottled water sold in the US comes from the tap, according to a survey by the Natural Resources Defense Council. That water is then simply filtered or radiated and then sold for exorbitant rates.

Plastic Bottles Can Leak Chemicals Into the Water

Despite the efforts made by the industry as a whole to adopt BPA-free plastic, other potentially dangerous substances are still present in plastic bottles and may leach into water when heated or left to stand for an extended length of time. These bottles could contain potential endocrine disruptors, which may interfere with the body’s hormone balances.

Filtered Water Is the Best

There is no doubting that drinking tap water has health concerns of its own. However, you may now drink straight from the tap without having to worry about E. coli living rent-free in your stomach, thanks to creative producers of modern water filtering devices. Water filters have undergone testing and are reliable. In order to determine which filters are ideal for a given area, these producers also study municipal water data for clients.

We hope that by now we have convinced you of the reasons to stop drinking bottled water. If you are considering purchasing a water filter for your home, ensure that you are getting the right type of filter to satisfy your purification needs.

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