There are countless ways to improve your property’s value. Some of these options are more obvious than others. One of the more overlooked potential enhancers of one’s property is that of a water feature. 

Water features come in a variety of types, including ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls. Ponds run the gamut from small, ornamental ones to larger options that can include a waterfall and stream features as well as fish and other wildlife. A water feature in the front of your home can boost curb appeal and make your property more inviting, not to mention the valuation increase.

Water features are also relaxing. Simply being around one may reduce stress, improve well-being and lower the risk of depression. One of their benefits is that they can be not only lovely to look at but relaxing to listen to as well — whether it’s the trickle of a fountain or the soft lapping of the waves on a pond. This kind of ambient noise can help drown out less appealing sounds, such as nearby traffic. 

Whatever you decide, a water feature could improve your property value and the enjoyment you take in your home. In a commercial setting, it can enhance the look of your building. The accompanying resource describes more about some popular water features.