Today was a great day when it came to the progression of the basement work. The workers did not come yesterday (because they are working several jobs at once, they certainly cannot come on a daily basis). However, they certainly did quite a bit of work. While I was working in my home office, all I heard was drill drill drill, bang bang bang, saw saw saw- like I have heard each time while they were working. However, those noises were happening a lot more, and at times were even magnified. I knew just based on that they were working non-stop.

The electrical work was done, and tomorrow they are having it inspected. If everything turns out well, then all of the walls will be sealed and then they can finish the rest. We are expecting them to work for another 2 weeks. So lets pray for no complications.

They also started getting the washroom set up, and even put the base of the shower in.

basement construction expressive mom

They also sealed off one section of the rec room, and I intend to use this part of it as a second office. I think the WiFi connection will be better there.

basement construction expressive mom

Let’s see if they do anything beyond the inspection tomorrow. I will be keeping an update!