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Exploring The Differences A Dog’s Size Can Make

Choosing a dog to fit your lifestyle requires a thorough look at various factors. From physical activity levels to financial commitments, there are many considerations. One important aspect is the dog’s size once fully grown. Below are some points to ponder when determining if a small or large dog breed will work best.

Where a person resides is another key component. If the living space is on the lower end of the size spectrum, a lap dog may be a better fit. Large dogs not only need more room for their bigger items but could be accidentally destructive in an apartment setting. Then again, some small dogs could be more anxious or excitable due to the sounds and strangers associated with apartment life.

Researching what will work for an owner as well as what’s best for a pet is essential when bringing home a new furry best friend. For further considerations and size comparisons, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Recherche Kennels – Doodles.

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