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Once your baby starts teething, sleep can be harder to come by for both you and your baby. If you are struggling to get your little one to bed when they start to teethe, you can use a few techniques to soothe them to sleep. Consider these ideas when your baby is teething and can’t sleep.

Check Other Factors

You should first try to check other factors if your baby is teething and can’t sleep. Even though your child is teething, there may be other reasons they are having trouble falling asleep. For example, they may need a diaper change, a bottle, or a few comforting moments in mama’s arms. It helps to check these other elements to determine whether your child is experiencing discomfort from something unrelated to teething. However, if you check all these other factors and none seem to be the root cause of your baby’s restlessness, read on for other potential solutions.

Use a Teething Ring

Using a teething ring is a great way to help your teething child fall asleep. Teething rings and devices give babies something to chew on to relieve the pain in their gums, and they come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and materials. Ensure you choose the right teether for your baby—there are wooden teethers, silicone teethers, teething rings, teething tubes, teething sticks, and more. You can even put certain teethers in the freezer or fridge to add a cooling element to ease the pain. Find a teether that your baby can grip easily and get into their mouth to chew. You’ll also want to ensure that your baby’s teether of choice is always clean before use.

Utilize Pain Relievers

One more thing you can do when you can’t get your teething baby to sleep is utilize pain relievers. However, before you give your baby any kind of medication, it’s imperative you check with their doctor to get a professional opinion. If your doctor gives you the okay, pain relievers like baby Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help reduce the pain of teething. Make sure you read all the instructions and dosages carefully to avoid mistakes. Give your baby the pain reliever about an hour or so before bedtime and it may make them drowsy, which can help get them to sleep.

The next time you are trying to get your little one to bed, remember these tips for getting your teething baby to sleep. Keep in mind that you may have to try a few techniques before finding something that works, but be patient with your child and the process. After all, teething doesn’t last forever, and neither will those long, sleepless nights.

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