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Keep Your Old Tea Bags

After drinking some tea, the first thing you’ll want to do is throw away the old bags. But, what is the point of storing old, no longer needed items, such as used tea bags? That is not a good idea. There are so many great uses for old tea bags that you would never have even imagined. Would you like to find out why it is a mistake to throw away your old tea bags? Then, check out these 12 reasons why you should keep your old tea bags!

Refreshes Your Carpet

Do you find it appalling that your carpeting looks old and smells bad? It’s easy to fix. The next time you have tea, let the bag air out. Then add some of the leaves to a tablespoon of baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpet. Vacuum it up after 20 minutes. The rug would be fresh again after they had absorbed the odors. 

You Can Moisturize Your Skin With Old Tea Bags

Do you have dehydrated skin? Especially in the winter? That’s to be expected since the air is so dry. Rehydrate your skin with old tea bags. Let your old tea bags cool down after boiling them again. Put them in a spray bottle and spray your skin. Apply cotton to your pores. Now your skin will be shiny and moist again. The antioxidants in green teabags have added health benefits for your skin, but any tea bag will do. 

Removes Oil From Pans

You want to use a pan for cooking, but it cakes on dirt, so you might be inclined to buy more pans. After you have used your tea bag, you should save it. Pour piping hot water into the pot and add the tea bag. If you soak it overnight, you will see that they will remove the old grease. 

Provides Relief From Sunburns

Did you end up with a sunburn despite applying sunblock? To reduce inflammation, you can use an old tea bag. After soaking the bag in cold water, apply it to your skin for a few minutes. The sunburn will heal.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes Will Disappear

Dark circles under the eyes are unsightly, and they can make anyone feel self-conscious. Teabags can help eliminate them. Place them in the fridge to chill for a while, then place them under your eyes. Dark circles will disappear because the caffeine in tea shrinks the blood vessels in the area. As a result, you will appear more awake.  

A Tea Bath Is A Good Idea

Teabags can help keep your skin moisturized. So why not throw a few tea bags into the tub for a nice relaxing bath? This will hydrate the skin on your entire body while you relax—self-care at its finest. 

Make Wooden Surfaces Shine Again

Is the wood on your floors and furniture looking dingy and old? Why not soak up old tea bags in warm water? You can then rub the surfaces with a rag or microfiber cloth dipped in the recycled tea, and they will be shiny and polished. 

Removing Offensive Odors

You can use a dry old tea bag to remove stale and stagnant odors from your refrigerator or closet. If you put it in the area that smells, it will smell a lot better. It also works on shoes. 

Campfires Can Be Started With Old Tea Bags

To start campfires with old tea bags, they need to be completely dry. Take a tea bag and dip it into wax that has been melted from a candle or any other source. Dry the tea bag with the wax on a sheet of foil. Once it becomes hard, they can start campfires. 

Treats Bites And Rashes

Do you have rashes, as well as insect bites that bother you? Place an old tea bag on the affected area after dampening it. This will help cool it down and relieve itching and inflammation. The sore spot will be able to heal without a scratch. 

Provides Smooth And Shiny Hair

If you have two old tea bags, you can make strong tea with them. Let the tea cool completely before drinking it. Before taking a shower, you must pour the tea over your hair, covering every strand, and leave it in for ten minutes. You will love how your hair looks after you rinse it off in the shower. 

This Is A Great Skin Toner

Tone your skin with old tea bags. You just need to put some old tea bags in a bowl of hot, steaming water. Then, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl for five to ten minutes to let the steam open your pores. Tea’s properties will tone your skin as well as moisturize it. 

If you already disposed of your old tea bags before reading this, remember that there’s always next time. So please don’t throw away your teabags because you know how beneficial they can be to you and your family. 

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