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The imaginative minds of kids produce some of the most creative and sentimental pieces of artwork. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or cool aunt, receiving a hand-made piece from a kid is a great honor. As such, you need to find a place to hang the art that’s worthy of such a masterpiece. If you’re running out of room on your fridge or seeking new ways to showcase your kid’s artwork, there are a variety of ways to integrate it into your home.

Explore creative ways to display kids’ artwork in your home to showcase their masterpieces and curate your homemade gallery in a stylish way.

DIY Art Wall

The most convenient method for displaying artwork is to designate a wall for it. There are a variety of strategies for creating a DIY gallery wall in your home. Using a customized setup, such as clothes pins or hanging clipboards, can also make it easy to rotate new artwork on the wall.

Digital Frames

If you’re looking to eliminate the paper accumulating in your space, consider investing in the modern alternative of digital frames to display artwork. Digital frames only require you to scan the artwork your kid produces; then, you can archive their work into a device that can hang anywhere in your home.

Themed Display

One of the best ways to display kids’ artwork in your home is to have a themed display dedicated to whatever they’re interested in at the moment. For instance, if your kid’s in the midst of a dinosaur phase, consider decorating a themed space in your home with colors, stickers, and signs that designate it for their work.

Having a themed display also helps maintain the style of your home by blending the art seamlessly into the interior.


If you’re facing an overload of masterpieces from the kids in your life, it can be difficult to display them all without compromising space. Consider displaying a constructed sample of the artwork via collage. Invite your kid to assist you in selecting their favorite pieces, sizing them down with scissors, and arranging them in a collage frame to admire for years to come.

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