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Aluminum Foil DIY Hacks

Do you know the many things aluminum foil can do in a crisis? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of uses for this handy item. You have it in your kitchen, or you should have aluminum foil anyway because it is necessary. You use it to cover your food and store it in the freezer or fridge. However, you can use aluminum foil for many other things, and let’s go over five of those things now.

Aluminum Foil Container Lids

One of the most common DIY tips you can use with aluminum foil is an aluminum lid to make a makeshift container. To make one, all you need is cut aluminum foil into a circle, just more significant than the container you want to use. Then, pinch the aluminum lid together and tie it closed with string, light cordage or even twist ties. It is that easy to do, and you never have to worry about looking for container lids again!

Food Storage Containers

Use aluminum foil as an improvised food storage container. Wrap up your food items and secure them with tape or cordage. You can make a more permanent aluminum foil container by folding aluminum foil over aluminum foil and rolling it into a tube about an inch wide. Secure the ends together with tape or cordage, and you’re done! It is as simple as that.

Gear Repair

Use aluminum foil to patch up small holes in tents, tarps, rucksacks, camping gear, and even your clothes! To do this, unroll aluminum foil and center the item on top. Next, fold the aluminum foil up or around the sides of your gear to completely cover the hole and hold the aluminum foil in place. Secure aluminum foil with tape, cordage, or even other fabric scraps if you don’t have any aluminum foil available.

Pro tip: aluminum foil is not the best repair material. Aluminum tape is better for large tears or holes. Therefore, you will want to keep that in mind when facing an emergency.

Improvised Cookware

Aluminum foil can also be used to improvise cookware. For example, use aluminum foil to create a pot stand by removing the handles from aluminum cans and making a tripod out of them, or use aluminum foil to line the bottom of aluminum baking pans for cooking directly on the coals a campfire. Isn’t that creative and helpful?

Improvised Candle

Create aluminum foil candles to provide light in emergencies such as camping or experiencing power outages. Just wrap aluminum foil around a candle and secure it with aluminum tape, twist ties, cordage, or even pieces of fabric. You can even make aluminum foil wicks out of aluminum tape. And it is that easy to make it work.

In an emergency, the possibilities are practically endless for what you can do with aluminum foil! You can see that there are likely many other uses for this great material that you usually use in the kitchen. How many aluminum foil uses have you tried?

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