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The Paper Towel Hack That Will Stop Draining Your Bank Account

Are you finding yourself having to use the precious paper in your kitchen to keep wiping up spills over and over again? Well, you will want to stop because once you learn about this paper towel hack, you no longer will need to keep spending money on these precious cleaning items.

That means this hack will help you save money when buying paper towels since you will not need to keep buying them all of the time. So I will stop putting you in suspense, and I will tell you about this hack!

The Paper Towel Hack Involving Baking Soda And A Clean Cloth

What do these items have to do with any paper towel hack? Well, this is simple. These items will stop you from having to pull out your paper towel to clean up messes! Therefore, it can only be reserved for cleaning large messes or cleaning windows and stuff! Not for the small messes that can happen often.

Therefore, next time an oily or watery spill happens, then you will not want to take out your paper towel no matter how urged you are to so do. Then you will instead take out your baking soda and will sprinkle some of it onto the mess. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then once it clumps up, take a clean cloth and dampen it, so it helps to collect the mess easier.  Then you take the cloth and collect the baking soda clumps, and then toss it away! It is as simple as that!

And, there are other tips you can use when it comes to saving money on paper towels. Let’s go over some of those now:

  • When you get takeout or dine out, take some napkins with you so you can also use them to clean messes!
  • Color code your cloths so you can keep a set of cloths to use in the kitchen and another set to use in other areas of the house so you can use them instead of paper towels for cleaning!
  • If you need a paper towel to dry your hands, shake off excess water, and then fold a piece of paper towel in half, so you are using less of it!
  • Keep your paper towels out of sight so you don’t have the urge to use them, as that is the best paper towel hack to know!

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