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The process of finding the right contractor to paint your home or business can be long and arduous. It can take so long that you might find yourself willing to skip important steps in the decision-making process. However, make sure you know these five mistakes to avoid when choosing a painting contractor so that you make the right choice.

Mistake #1: Not Asking for References

One mistake you must avoid is not asking for references since previous customers can provide you with a good indication of whether the contractor is a good candidate for the job or not. If the company willingly gives you strong references, that’s a sign that you’re hiring a good painting contractor.

Mistake #2: Picking an Inexperienced Contractor

Another mistake to avoid when choosing a painting contractor is picking one who does not have the right experience. Although you may have good intentions and want to support a new business, you could be taking a large risk by going with a contractor who has yet to do a job like yours. Their inexperience may affect the quality of your project.

Mistake #3: Choosing the Least Expensive Contractor

It’s also important not to go with the least expensive contractor you can find. Although you may want to save money on your project, you may pick someone who uses low-quality paint and cuts corners when it comes to their work. If you pay more, you’ll likely get a better level of quality in your paint job.

Mistake #4: Not Hiring a Contractor With Insurance

You should also avoid hiring a painting contractor who doesn’t have general business liability insurance and workers’ comp policies. If you do and an accident happens, you’ll end up being the person held responsible. If you’re considering a painter who has none of these or is unwilling to show you proof of their insurance, it’s time to take your search elsewhere.

Mistake #5: Not Choosing a Local Painter

Finally, you should also avoid the mistake of not hiring a local painter. If you hire a local one, you’ll add more convenience to the process. They can easily visit you and provide an estimate. Furthermore, they can respond to an emergency more readily. Make sure that they’re within your region.

These tips will allow you to find a contractor that better meets your needs. You’ll be able to hire one that makes the process go more smoothly and gives you the best results.

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