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As you walk up to the doorway, it feels like something’s missing. You admire the decor and attention to detail on your neighbors’ front porches, but your home is bare.

When you’re planning to start decorating your front porch, you should know about five mistakes to stay away from!

Using Indoor Furniture on the Porch

In some instances, waterproof and sturdy indoor furniture can sit outdoors indefinitely. However, it’s more beneficial to use outdoor-only furniture on the porch. It can better withstand the weather without succumbing to damage. High-quality outdoor furniture is more likely to last a long time than any indoor furniture item.

Incorporating Too Many Elements in a Small Space

The home’s interior showcases your style, but how do you exhibit that style outside? A frequent mistake that homeowners make when decorating their front porches is putting too many items in a small space.

Too many items will make the porch feel cramped and overwhelming. You want to communicate your style through as few items as possible, as it will establish an open and welcoming environment. In this situation, less is more! Find the right pieces you adore, and your porch will feel complete.

Adding Decor That Doesn’t Match the Home’s Exterior

Your personal style isn’t the only factor to consider. A common mistake to stay away from when decorating your porch is choosing items that don’t match the home’s exterior.

Each home has a unique design. Some people adore choosing a door color that communicates a message. Others prioritize a modern design. The decor on the porch should complement the color scheme and aesthetic of the home’s exterior. It will create a cohesive arrangement that enhances the home’s appearance.

Failing To Change the Decor With the Seasons

In the spring, you may be thrilled to incorporate pastel colors and new plants at the doorway. However, the decor will need to change slightly as the seasons change.

You should alter elements like pillows, wreaths, and wooden boards as the year goes by. This will give you the creative freedom you need to switch up the porch’s design and help you keep the style up-to-date with the time of the year.

Forgetting About Additional Lighting

Even if you incorporate your favorite elements on the porch, you can’t see the complete design once the sun sets. Porch lighting is comforting when you arrive home late at night, and it will highlight the area for cars passing by. People can admire the decor at all times of the day!

As you plan to decorate your porch, keep these common mistakes in mind so that you can construct your ideal front porch design!

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