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In recent years, as a result of the awareness of many people in our country and in the world about the importance of sleep in terms of health, mattress companies have produced many mattress models using new technologies. 

The orthopedic mattress, which is among these innovations, seems a bit complicated, but it is actually a very easily explained concept. Orthopedics, which literally means a smooth and healthy body, is a science that deals with the disorders and deformities of people’s spines and bones. 

From this point of view, we can easily conclude that for a mattress to be orthopedic, it must have a structure that keeps the body healthy and supports the body. Although hard mattresses are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to orthopedic mattresses, it would be more accurate to say that there are mattresses that can give correct responses according to body characteristics by using appropriate materials.

 Orthopedic mattress models, which have been specially designed using advanced technologies in the recent period, are produced in accordance with human physiology by considering the head, neck, shoulder, waist, back, and hip folds. Orthopedic mattress models, which you can choose according to your weight and sleeping habits, reduce body pressure during sleep, relax your blood circulation and provide you with healthy sleep. 

The use of orthopedic mattresses by people who have complaints of “as if I haven’t slept at all” when they wake up in the morning, who aches everywhere, manages to eliminate such complaints to a great extent. In fact, beds that offer more affordable and long-lasting use than the mobile phones we use are very important in terms of health. Orthopedic mattresses, which are produced in harmony with the bone, joint, and muscle system, are designed to fill all the gaps when you lie down, allowing you to sleep soundly.

Full Orthopedic and Semi Orthopedic Mattresses

Specialists recommend the use of orthopedic mattresses, especially for people with spine, back, and neck pain. Even if you do not have any complaints, orthopedic mattresses that you will use will prevent health problems that may occur in muscle and bone, and allow you to have a pleasant and comfortable sleep.

Fully orthopedic mattresses are mattresses in which the sponge filling materials in their structure have a harder structure. The sponge used in semi-orthopedic mattress models has a softer structure. At this point, you can make a choice in line with your expectations and habits. Organic mattress prices, which have different models and structures, vary according to their features.

Bed models, in which breathable and natural materials are used to ensure quality and regularity of sleep time, in which human beings spend an average of one-third of their life, allow you to sleep soundly and rest, and be fit and productive during the day. In addition, it has been proven by scientific research that people who sleep well are not stressed and nervous during the day, as well as energetic and happy.

 Bucca Mattress, preferred by people who care about their health and comfort, offers many products to your liking with organic mattress options. Bucca Mattress, which responds to every expectation with its moisture-repellent mattress models that use the most natural materials such as horse mane and coconut fiber, and prevent the problem of sweating, allows you to experience quality, trust, and comfort together.

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