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Having your kitchen stocked with the essentials can give you the freedom of cooking comfort food without having to venture out into the rain to buy ingredients. But what are the essential items to have in your pantry this spring? We list some healthy foods to keep on hand so you’re always ready to prepare a delicious meal within the confines of your warm, dry kitchen.


Nuts and seeds are great pantry essentials to have year-round, but they’re especially great in the spring because of their high protein content. They offer a ton of benefits, including fiber and vitamins, and can be kept in your pantry for up to a few months.

For any duration longer than that, you should store them in the freezer so that they retain their freshness and nutritional content. And don’t forget about all the ways you can use nut butter on chillier days, too.

Preserved Foods

Fresh seasonal produce is a bit harder to come by in the early days of spring when snow and freezing temperatures can still occur. Preserving fresh vegetables and fruits is one way you can keep enjoying them even during the colder months of the year.

You can preserve any produce, such as peaches and tomatoes, which are useful in recipes like pie fillings or stews. If you didn’t have the foresight or the inclination to preserve produce over the summer, you can find items of similar quality at the grocery store or even from a local farmer.

Whole Grains

Don’t forget to have whole grains stocked in your kitchen as well! They have more nutrients than their refined counterparts and are often rich in vitamin B and iron. Foods like white bread go through more processing, which strips away much of their nutritional content.

Quinoa, oats, and wild rice are some options to have on hand, and they’re perfect for the springtime because they’ll keep you fuller for longer.

Dried Fruits

To make the most of those whole grains, try dried fruit—another essential item to have in your pantry this spring. You can stock up at the store or make your own with a dehydrator or oven.

Dried fruits are a great way to sweeten your food without added sugar, and work well as a snack, baked good, or topping to your favorite food.

Having your pantry stocked with all the springtime basics will give you the opportunity to stay in your cozy kitchen and out of the rain.

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