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You can maybe remember your first play date as a kid due to the anticipation of the day. Now that you have kids of your own, they are making friends, which is such an exciting time. As such, play dates may or already have become a common occurrence, which can have you searching for ideas. Thankfully, there are many fun and educational play date ideas for your kids and their friends to do.

Backyard Camping

If the kids want to learn more about the great outdoors, then you might consider a little backyard camping excursion. Camping provides the kids with the perfect play date experience that will make them feel more independent and comfortable with nature. If the kids are older, you might also consider having them set their tent up themselves, as this helps build team-working skills. The nice aspect of a backyard camping play date is that you know everyone is safe and secure, as it’s easy to keep a watchful eye from a distance.

Natural History Museum

What is more exciting for a kid than viewing the fossils of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth for millions of years? It can seem impossible to believe that these fantastical beasts truly existed and inhabited the same space we live in today. It’s important for kids to learn about dinosaurs because it provides an educational opportunity to learn about topics like natural history, extinction, and climate change. The best part is that nearly every kid finds dinosaurs fascinating, so you can trust they will love this excursion.

Science Experiments

An at-home science experiment can seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think and a fun, educational playdate idea for your kids. Consider killing two birds with one stone by teaching them about crystal formation by making rock candy. When the kids finish with their experiment, they will love that they also have a deliciously sweet treat to enjoy.

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