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Hair extensions are great solutions for those with short hair, thinning hair, or anyone who wants a little extra body. But without proper care, they will not last as long as they should. Damages to your extensions will show up at the worst possible moment and will undoubtedly blend with your natural hair poorly.

Regardless of your style, here are a few hair extension maintenance tips to consider before investing!

Properly Washing Them

There are several different types of hair extensions available, but one thing that remains consistent across the board is their wash needs. Sometimes, your stylist will recommend a shampoo and conditioner for the extensions you have, and it’s advisable to listen to their suggestions. Using a mild shampoo and conditioner is necessary to maintain their like-natural texture.

Avoid Heat Tools

It’s easier said than done to skip heat, but excessive heat is not optimal for your natural hair, let alone extensions. Because extensions lack the nutrients and oils to sustain moisture, applying heat tools can deplete the little base they have and increase the damage. If you can’t avoid heat tools, speak with your stylist for the best possible solutions or acquire a heat protectant.

Don’t Overwash

In addition to washing your hair extensions correctly, you should avoid overwashing them. We typically wash our natural hair twice a week, give or take. But when it comes to hair extension maintenance tips to consider, sticking to this wash schedule is best. Like heat tools depleting the moisture levels, overwashing can contribute to this and create excessive buildups, making the extensions difficult to style.

Keep Them Moisturized

Clip-on extensions lack the most nutrients and moisture, so using a leave-in conditioning product once a week can revive their texture and moisture barriers. Other extensions like sew-ins or human hair will absorb the oils of your scalp, which will contribute to their moisture levels naturally. Either way, try not to use too much moisturizing, which can also become counterproductive to your care routines.

Color Safely

Turning to new hair color can revive our overall appearance and attitude. There may come a time when you have extensions and are still seeking change. Because of the base chemicals in natural hair versus extensions, getting the coloring mix wrong can wreak havoc on your outcomes. Partner with a stylist to ensure you treat your extensions fairly in the coloring process and that the extensions withstand the transition well.

Wrapping Up

It’s important to consider all factors when investing in hair extensions. Consider all the steps it takes to maintain them, and always partner with your stylist for questions along the way! No matter your style, there is a care routine that will optimize your wear and use.

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