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How To Pick Out A Birthday Gift For Your Husband

You probably grasp your husband’s taste and preferences, such as his coffee order and how to make him laugh. However, finding him the perfect birthday gift can be a different story. At this point in your relationship, you probably know what he needs but not necessarily what he wants. You know he deserves a special, meaningful, and practical gift. 

What should you get the man in your life? Read on for several great ideas!

Smokeless Bonfire

Is your hubby outdoorsy? Does he love a good bonfire? If so, the Solo Stove can be a great gift option as it offers a low-smoke burn. It’s also travel-friendly since it is portable, comes with a carrying case, and only weighs about 20 pounds. The stove’s design creates a more efficient burn. Additionally, it provides a less overpowering smell compared to an open campfire. 

A New Skill

Has your husband mentioned wanting to learn a new skill or deepen a passion? Whether it’s playing guitar, taking up photography, or learning how to code, why not get him a subscription to MasterClass or Skillshare? This enables him to learn from experts in their field. Moreover, online classes are convenient and likely to work with his schedule.   

Running Shoes 

For fitness junkies and gym goers, workout gear or equipment can make great birthday gift options. For example, if you notice his running shoes are looking worn and dirty, consider getting him a new pair. Many designs on the market today even feature shoes made with recycled materials.   

Car Detailing Kit

If your hubby is obsessed with his vehicle, a car detailing kit is sure to bring a smile to his face. After all, getting one’s car professionally detailed can be expensive, but he can do it himself with the right products. These may include cleaning wipes, a drying towel, a car wash cleaner, and more. 


You may change your purse according to the season, but when was the last time your hubby updated his wallet? If it has been years and the wallet is looking ragged, a new one may be in order. You can even get creative and order a customized leather one!

Craft Beer Subscription

A craft beer subscription can be a unique gift for a partner who loves to relax with a cold, tall beer. A subscription to the Craft Beer Club lets the man in your life try some of the best brews from across the country. Each shipment includes four styles of beer from independent breweries. 

Arcade Game

Let hubby relive his childhood with his favorite arcade game. From Pac-Man to Galaga, he’s sure to love having one of these fun games in his man cave, whether he’s having some downtime alone or inviting his buddies for friendly competition.

Weekender Bag

Does your sweetheart like to soar the skies and see the world? A weekender bag — preferably in leather — is a classic piece for those who enjoy traveling. While it may be a bit pricey, a leather weekender bag is durable and sure to last a long time, only getting better with age. 

Couples Massage

Have some bonding time with your partner with a couples massage. Both of you can unwind and relax after a long day of work. Some packages may include champagne, chocolates, and robes. 

From subscription boxes to leather accessories, there are many birthday gifts from which to choose for the stud in your life. Remember not to let the pressure of simply buying a gift take away from the meaningful occasion. 

Author bio: David Wachter is a small online retail business owner with a luxury boutique store named All The Rage Beverly Hills. Based in Beverly Hills, California, he is passionate about providing uniquely inspired luxury goods from top U.S. and European suppliers. Wachter creates fun, insightful content focused on “All The Rage” products from around the world.


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