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The tradition is to throw first-time mothers a party to help prepare them for motherhood. Surprising the mom-to-be with this can make for an exciting occasion she wasn’t expecting—who doesn’t love a surprise every once in a while? To keep this a mystery to the guest of honor, use our guide for planning a successful surprise baby shower.

Find a Time and Date That Works for Everyone

Finding a time and date that works for the first-time mom can be tricky when you don’t want to spill the beans about the event you’re planning. Talk with her significant other to get an idea of her schedule in the upcoming weeks. Don’t forget to ask the most important people on the guest list, such as sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, etc. Gather this information from everyone to help you find the perfect date and time for the baby shower.

Plan a “Fake” Date With the Mom-To-Be

While you don’t need to do this, it would help the element of surprise to convince the guest of honor that you two are doing a different activity that day. As the weeks draw closer to the event, ask your friend if she would want to go shopping or come over for a coffee—this will distract her from the actual party.

Consult With Friends and Family To Create a Wish List

When the baby shower is a surprise, creating a baby registry can be a little difficult without ruining the mystery. This is where family members and friends come into play; they know the first-time parents better than anyone and can help you come up with a wish list that guests can use while shopping for gifts. The mom-to-be might already have a registry, or you could lie about the actual date of the shower so that she still compiles a list without ruining the surprise.

Find a Semi-Familiar Location

If you choose an unfamiliar location, the new mom might catch on to your tactics when you arrive. A semi-familiar place will allow you to fib about what you’re doing. In addition to this, ask guests to park their cars on a different street so that it doesn’t tip off the guest of honor. Consider using your home for this to keep the suspicions to a minimum.

Secrecy and Communication Are Key

You need to have excellent communication among all individuals planning the event to plan a successful surprise baby shower. Yet, you need to remain secretive to avoid ruining the mystery. This means all vendors or parties involved in the planning process must be on the same page. For example, creating a baby shower catering menu can be difficult if you don’t ask friends and family for recommendations. Keep communication open, but be secretive about your plans.

A baby shower makes for the perfect surprise party because it’s a welcoming and joyous experience for the new mom-to-be. Don’t shoulder the entire weight of the planning yourself; ask others for help—especially when the element of surprise is highly important. What will you do to make the surprise baby shower more successful?

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