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Doing several loads of laundry can be a daunting task. Sometimes, our patience runs thin, and we try to complete the chore faster by stuffing the washer. While doing this can damage the machine in itself, there are several everyday items that can destroy a washing machine you might forget as you throw it all in.

Keep Your Zippers Fastened

It’s nearly impossible to keep zippers out of the washing machine entirely, but there are precautions you must take before starting the rinse cycle. An unfastened zipper can entangle itself in the drum and damage the appliance’s door.

It’s vital to follow the best practices for zipper care to ensure your clothes or washing machine stay in one piece. You can go one step further and throw all your zipper items in a mesh bag to keep them away from delicate apparel.

Take Out Your Lucky Penny

Although no one treats their washing machine like a mall fountain, coins seem to cling to your pockets. Even an innocuous dime can take down your washing machine.

Ideally, the majority of coins stay inside the machine’s drum. However, coins that slip through the cracks can destroy the sensitive fins of the drain pump. If that’s the case, you’ll need to watch several DIY videos or have a professional retrieve them. Everything relating to coins you can also say about keys, so don’t forget to empty those pockets!

Pet Hair Repercussions

A shredding pet might seem innocent enough, but tossing your hair-riddled clothing in the washing machine is a recipe for disaster.

Excessive pet hair generates clumps when wet, and these clumps may pass through the machine and into the ever-so-important drain pumps. Pet hairs will prevent water from leaving the machine, making it impossible for it to drain. That will not only render your machine inoperable but could lead to problems in your main plumbing line.

Don’t Bring the Sand Home From the Beach

A day at the beach is a relaxing and fun activity for the whole family. Yet, the calm you feel may result in frustration if you aren’t careful about what goes in your washer.

Like pet hair, sand can end up clogging the drain pump. Because sand is so minuscule, it can mix with the draining water, resulting in an unfortunate backup.

Recognizing what items can destroy a washing machine should help you keep your clothes intact and the repair company on hold. Next time you begin your weekend routine, remember to check those pockets and limit the pet hair.

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