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When you have a child, you have to teach them a lot. They learn about certain aspects of life on their own, but there are others that you need to go out of your way to instill in them. Read on to learn a few health tips you need to teach your kids for them to live healthily.

Balance Screen Time

Raising a child in today’s world has many more obstacles that weren’t as present when you were growing up—one of those being screen time. While there are lovely avenues for them on these screens, such as programming and game development, too much artificial light and not enough natural sun can be damaging.

A good rule of thumb is to limit screen time before bed and keep their day balanced. For example, an hour in front of the tablet means they need to do an hour of outside activity, reading, art, etc. Children are growing up in this increasingly digital world, and by instilling this need for balance early, they’ll hopefully carry it with them through their lives.

Drink the Right Liquids

When you’re a child, you can chug an entire bottle of a sugary sports drink or a can of soda and then grab another right off the shelf without any issues. While they can do this and not face any repercussions right away, down the line, they’ve ended up sticking themselves in an unhealthy habit. Early on, guide your child in the right direction with lots of water, and limit their access to other less-healthier options.

By drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated, you do wonders for your body and keep your skin healthy and smooth. You should still provide them access to other drinks but make them healthier options, like tea, flavored water, and fresh fruit and veggie juices (in moderation).

Keep Your Food Colorful

In addition to liquids and limiting screen time, one of the most important health tips to teach your kids early is to have a colorful plate. No, this doesn’t mean a plate full of artificially colored snacks; it’s a plate full of bright green veggies, colorful fruits, and produce.

Children can be picky, but if you start them with these foods early, they will turn into diet staples instead of the things they avoid on their plate. These fruits and veggies have tremendous health benefits and will help your child feel full and healthy as long as they continue to practice this colorful meal tip.

Teach your kids these simple health tips, and they’ll be able to live healthier for the rest of their lives. Some points may seem obvious, but you must remember that your child’s mind is still forming, and it will take a lot of repetition for these tips to sink in. Of course, your kids are smart and can learn some of these independently, but don’t hesitate to point them in the right direction.

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