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Gift-giving can be daunting, especially when trying to create something unique and thoughtful. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or holiday, a new trend in gift ideas could make for the ultimate present. Everyone has a favorite song, but what if you could gift your loved one a new, personal favorite? Thanks to several companies, now you can! These companies offer to create an original, custom song for any occasion. The process is simple; visit their website, provide your details, and place your order. Within a matter of days, you’ll receive your very own song, specially crafted for your loved one.

Custom songwriting services are becoming popular in gift-giving, offering a unique and thoughtful option for any occasion. Among the top players in this field are Songfinch and Bring My Song To Life. We’ve evaluated and compared these two companies to help you understand their similarities and differences. It’s important to note that all information in this post is accurate as of the writing of this blog post and is subject to change. Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore what these companies have to offer.

Price: Regarding pricing, Songfinch and Bring My Song To Life offer different options. Songfinch has a flat rate of $199 for a custom song with one chorus and two verses. It is unclear how many instruments are included in their service but based on online reviews, most songs feature one instrument and vocals. 

On the other hand, bring My Song To Life offers a variety of packages for clients to choose from. They offer two main packages: The Nice & Simple package for $199, which includes one instrument, and vocals, and the song is 3-4 minutes long. Their second package is called Radio Ready and costs $299. It features a 3-4 minute long song with three instruments and vocals. 

Both companies also offer additional add-ons for clients to choose from. For example, Songfinch offers a CD for $24.99 (no custom artwork – the sleeve is Songfinch branded) and a custom photo slideshow for $19.99. Similarly, Bring My Song To Life offers add-ons such as a CD with custom artwork for $49 and a Personal Story Page, which includes the lyrics written out, a personal message, and a photo slideshow for $19.

Revisions: Revision policy is an area where the two companies, Songfinch and Bring My Song To Life, differ significantly. Songfinch does not offer free revisions; once the order is placed, clients will not have the opportunity to review the lyrics or the final song. The song is delivered as is and considered the final product, with any further revisions incurring an additional fee of $100. On the other hand, Bring My Song To Life is more collaborative in its approach, allowing clients to review the lyrics before the song production process and make revisions to the lyrics based on the client’s feedback at no extra cost. Additionally, Bring My Song To Life provides clients with the recorded song for approval before delivering the final product. Furthermore, Songfinch has a strict “no refund” policy, while Bring My Song To Life offers a full money-back guarantee on all its packages. 

Quality: Both Songfinch and Bring My Song To Life showcase examples of their work on their websites, but to truly compare the quality of their work, it’s necessary to delve deeper. Songfinch allows their roster of musicians to reuse previously recorded melodies and instrumentals, which means that clients choosing Songfinch should be aware that their song might be the same as someone else’s. However, the lyrics are always unique and original. 

Bring My Song To Life takes a different approach, creating an original composition, production, and custom lyrics for each project. Songfinch has a roster of several thousand musicians, while Bring My Song To Life currently has a few hundred musicians on their roster. At Songfinch, one artist will create the entire songwriting the lyrics, composing the music, and recording the instruments and vocals. 

Songfinch does not require their artists to professionally mix and master the final song as long as the final version is not so poor that it detracts from the music. On the other hand, bring My Song To Life has dedicated lyricists, dedicated musicians for each instrument, dedicated vocalists, and a team of audio engineers who will professionally mix and master every project. Thus, several musicians work on a typical Bring My Song To Life production.

Reviews: Regarding customer reviews, both Songfinch and Bring My Song To Life have received positive ratings on Google Reviews. Songfinch currently has a 4.5/5 star rating with over 700 reviews, while Bring My Song To Life currently has a 4.9/5 star rating with 26 reviews. Among Songfinch’s reviews, the highest rating is 5/5 stars, and the lowest is 1/5 stars. Bring My Song To Life’s highest rating is 5/5 stars, and the lowest is 4/5 stars. It’s worth noting that Songfinch’s first review on Google was posted in 2018, while Bring My Song To Life’s first review was posted in 2022.

Giving a personalized song as a gift or commemorating a special event is a fantastic idea and is currently a popular trend in gift-giving. Consider the top options in the industry and select the one that best suits your needs.

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