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You’ve loved them, you’ve taught them, and you’ve raised them. Two of those three things will always remain. You’ll never stop loving or teaching your kids, but you don’t need to raise them anymore. As adults, they have all the tools and skills they need, and now it’s time to spread their wings and fly. You might feel a little lost now, but fear not. Here are some things to do now that you have an empty nest.

Reconnect With Friends

As a parent, you had to put some aspects of your social life on the back burner. That was the most logical thing to do because your child or children were the priority. Now, they are on their own, and you’re free to be a social butterfly again.

Rebuild those connections with your friends. They’re probably not completely unreachable, but now you can do the things you used to do before the kids came into the picture. Reconnect and plan a night out or invite everyone over for a dinner party. It gives you an excuse to be busy and use the kitchen again.

Plan To Travel

There were probably plenty of family vacations, but how many solo trips have you taken? The numbers probably don’t compare. Get rid of that status quo as soon as possible. Start planning your next adventure today! Solo trips are a great way to get centered and focused on the next steps of your life.

Take some time to see all the beauty of the world and document the trip accordingly. If you don’t want to make it a solo trip, consider inviting a few friends and see about their availabilities. Make sure you carve out enough time to enjoy yourself fully.

Find a New Project

Investing your time in a new project does not mean it’s “work.” A new project should be something you do during your leisure time and brings you joy. There are a million hobbies you can investigate. Find one that sparks your interest.

You can also explore the option of home renovations. An empty nest means you have room in your home to redecorate and rebuild. Consider a few empty nest home improvement ideas, and make sure you take the proper steps to complete the renovations successfully.

Practice Self Care

Parents sometimes neglect self-care, which is not conducive to them. All their focus is on their children, but now they have the freedom to practice adequate self-care, and it comes in several different forms.

Figure out what makes you feel special and relaxed. Is it taking trips to the spa? Will you start a pottery class or try new restaurants? Set aside self-care days for yourself. Try to dedicate one day every week to doing something just for yourself. Look at this as a way to get back in touch with your being and discover what brings you joy.

An empty nest is not a bad thing. Look at it as liberation because now you have the freedom to do so many things you couldn’t before.

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