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Even with a playroom designated for your toddler, their toys still find a way to get out. Unfortunately, you can’t confine your toddler’s adventures to one room, but that’s OK. We want our kids to be curious and adventurous. All that play can make some of the rooms in your home less than tidy, but there’s a trick to circumvent that. Here are some tips for keeping your house clean with toddlers.

Give It Away

Your kids won’t play with the same toys forever. Sure, plenty of toys still hold some purpose, but others no longer belong in your house. It’s time to give some things away.

Keep most of the educational toys and books because your kids are always learning. But you can find a new home for the items they haven’t looked at in months. If you can, collect them for donation when they aren’t looking, and they’ll likely never notice.

Create a Schedule

Create a cleaning schedule so that the process doesn’t seem so overwhelming. You could clean when they’re sleeping and try to get the mess contained in one room. However, if you use that nap time for your nap time, too, you’ll need an alternative.

Don’t try to clean everything in one swoop. Work in intervals and handle what you can. Always give yourself some grace because you have a lot on your plate as it is.

Buy Durable Furniture

When it comes to furniture, the stronger the better. Toddlers are fragile, but they have no problem getting into mischief. And they’re constantly on the move. Buy durable furniture so that when they start climbing and exploring, your pieces can take it.

Toddlers do a lot of walking and running, so prep those high-traffic areas with the most durable rugs. Little ones make messes, but with a durable rug, those messes don’t need to stay.

Teach Them the Way

Teach your toddler that everything belongs in a special place. It’s so easy to take on the load by yourself and put things away on your own. Get out of the mentality that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done right. These are the times when you need to teach your mini-me about being organized.

This helps with their cognitive skills as they grow. Show them what to do with their toys when they finish playing. It will take some gentle reminding for them to get the knack of it, but you have plenty of time to help them out. Always remain patient.

Never forget that you’re a super mom, and you have the tools to survive another day. Keeping your house clean while your toddler explores is one more skill you acquired.

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