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People are quite excited about how CBD oil is being used to treat many ailments such as depression, anxiety, and physical ailments as well. And this is known because there is so much buzz about the healing effects of CBD oil for many ailments that people have which goes from mental health issues to chronic pain. 

And many people who have taken those products have sworn by it because of the help they have gotten from it. With that said, parents are eager to start giving their kids CBD oil to treat many disorders such as ADHD, autism, and physical ailments as well. 

Is It Really Okay For Parents To Give Their Kids CBD Oil?

And the reason that parents feel it is just fine to give their kids CBD oil and are in favor of it because of its healing properties is that it lacks the THC which is what causes people to get high when they use cannabis products such as smoking weed. 

This is any parents’ dream because they know about the healing impact of cannabis products and since the ‘bad stuff’ lacks, then parents become even more excited. And this is why it appears to be safe for use for kids, and even for pets

Not to mention, CBD oil is becoming mainstream as it is available at some pharmacies and not only through distributors. 

However, pediatricians and other medical professionals are telling parents to be careful not to give their kids CBD oil just as of yet as there needs to be a lot of research done on how safe it is to give children of any age. 

That is because it is still unknown the long-lasting impact that giving children CBD oil would have on them. 

The only exception is that there is already one medication that is FDA approved that contains CBD which is called Epidiolex, which is meant to treat epilepsy, and there is nothing other than that has been proven to be safe for children that contain any type of CBD oil. 

And parents need to remember as well that the benefits of CBD oil have just been found as there still needs to research, and plenty of it done in order to determine what amount of the oil is safe and how it will exactly help children. This is why it is quite unknown the impact that long term use of CBD oil will have on kids

It is believed that CBD oil can be quite beneficial for kids that have conditions such as autism, ADHD, insomnia, and other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders

Many adults that have taken CBD oil for the same issues have reported having found relief as well because they find that it helped them become more functional and they were able to get a better handle on their conditions as a result. 

However, until the are more concrete findings on how CBD oil can really be helpful for kids with any condition, it is advised that parents do not give their kids any of the oil at this time. 

Even professionals that specialize in CBD oil for medicinal purposes are not in favor of using it for kids as of yet with the exception of prescribing kids with epilepsy, Epidiolex. 

But at the same time, professionals are urging parents even though they are not advised to give their kids any CBD products as of yet, to not give up hope for the future. Remember that the stages of research on how CBD products can be helpful for kids are still in its infancy. 

There is a lot to be uncovered and professionals feel that it is promising that sometime down the road, parents will be able to give their kids these helpful products for a variety of conditions and ailments after much more research has been conducted on how helpful it is. 

The fact that CBD oil has had many healing properties for adults, as well as for epileptic children makes it promising that other benefits will be found which means that the right type of product and dosage can be given to children in order to treat many conditions. 

Parents however need to hang tight for now as there is still a lot about CBD oil that needs to be uncovered, which it will be as medical technology does advance quite quickly. 

With that said, there really is a good chance that sometime in the future, hopefully, sooner than later that parents will be able to give their kids CBD products after more research has been conducted. 

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