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DIY Touches For An Unforgettable Wedding

Being with the people you love and who love you is a big part of what makes your wedding special. It’s your friends and family who have made you who you are today. How can you recognize their contribution to your life, and make your wedding — a deeply personal union of two lives — even more unforgettable? 

Creating homemade accents is a wonderful way to do this. From customizing the decorations to serving signature cocktails, adding such personal touches transforms your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Here are some do-it-yourself ideas to help create unforgettable memories of your big day.

DIY Ideas And Crafting Inspirations

  • Customize the venue with handmade decorations to help set the intimate tone you want. Hang photos of the two of you together or from childhood; position special tokens representing parts of your relationship; or add other personal touches throughout the reception area. 
  • Make the seating arrangements personal: name the tables after something significant to you as a couple. For example, instead of Table One, it can be the name of a concert attended together or where you met. Table names could also represent milestones in your relationship or be destinations for where life’s journey is taking the two of you.
  • Add a personal decorative touch to the tables. Mason jars filled with flowers or lights are trendy and can have custom labels (with photos of you at different times in your relationship) printed on the front. For a more relaxed setting, decorate the tables with wine or beer bottles that have your photo on them. Adding a table name card or other flair is easy with the quick and personalizable printing options available today.
  • Set up a social media-connected photo booth or photo-sharing devices. Not only is this fun for your guests, but you’ll get a ton of pictures to share and treasure forever.
  • Or create your own photo booth. Start by securing a camera to a structure at the right height and placing it in front of a makeshift backdrop. Using an empty picture frame is a quick way to create a fun setting for your photos. Add a coat rack beside it with costume props — hats, boas, ties, scarves, fake glasses, stick-on mustaches. You’re all set!
  • Personalize the menu. From a childhood favorite food to a grandmother’s signature recipe, you can choose food options that have meaning. This simple detail not only makes something expected more intimate but adding a note about it on the custom-printed menu can be a terrific conversation starter. 
  • Personalized gifts and favors. Sending guests home with a little something to remember the night becomes all the more special when there’s an extra meaning behind it. You can make it cute and fun with a pun and a prop, or show off a love for something in particular. Sports fans can create favors with a theme of their favorite team. Or something that serves as a reflection of you as a couple, or a favorite wine with a customized label (including a photo of you). These personalized gifts and favors speak to who you are together and are a wonderful sendoff that guests are sure to love.

Celebrating Your Love Story 

Taking the time and effort to craft personalized touches can certainly enhance your already enchanted event. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in creating unique mementos of your relationship. And you will have memories you can save, and bring out anytime you want to remember your special day. As the years go by, you can share the memories with your sweetheart on your anniversaries, later with your children, and even later, with your grandchildren.

Author bio: Jeanne Williamson, along with her husband David, launched Evermine in 2000 to help people create a professional look for their homemade products. Today, the Evermine team continues the tradition of helping people create beautiful labels for their small-batch products, as well as unforgettable memories for special occasions. And, Evermine has expanded to serve businesses as well, helping them look their very best in a timely and affordable manner.


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