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There is absolutely no question that this pandemic has turned the lives of parents upside down. Pandemic parenting is what moms and dads everywhere must utilize since there is no other choice until COVID-19 is no longer a threat. What can you do as a parent to make your life easier?

Firstly, you have to realize that you are doing what you can to survive. If you are working at home, and you are watching your kids learn virtually, that is a big job in itself. 

You are dealing with so many interruptions during your Zoom meetings at work, and you are not able to get your work completed either because of the kids distracting you from your work. Add the fact that your kids are not particularly happy that they have to learn this way. Therefore, they are not exactly learning effectively. 

This all stresses you out. You are dealing with heightened anxiety and depression because you feel more trapped than you did before. And life before the pandemic seems like it was a dream, and you wonder what you complained about since the stresses were a lot less impactful than they are during the pandemic. 

Then you have housework to deal with such as cleaning, laundry, and organizing. These are the things that you want your kids to help you out with as they can learn to help you do the laundry and with cleaning. Pandemic parenting can also encourage you to introduce chores to your kids if you have not already. 

You are dealing with too much as it is and you need to get the help where you can. Have the kids help you out. Pandemic parenting can help when it comes to encouraging the kids to contribute more in the home and you need to find ways to distress and preserve your mental health. It is time to utilize some self-care. 

School has been back in session for more than a month now, and Michigan families and educators are beginning to settle into the strange new reality. Teachers and kids have shared how they’re adjusting to things like Zoom discussions, asynchronous learning, and masks in the classroom. Now that the back-to-school season is behind us and the rest of the year looms ahead, Stateside wanted to know: How are parents doing?

“I didn’t cry today. Actually wait, no I did,” said Julia Koumbassa. “I feel like I’m kind of failing everyone.”

“I’m working full time. My job is not remote. I have to go in every day,” said Melanie Floyd.

“Other than my days off, the kids are basically getting themselves up in the morning, and getting ready, and getting logged on to school,” said Lori Reynhout.

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