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Today, security cameras are an essential part of monitoring any commercial property and protecting the building. You want to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of these cameras. Therefore, the recommendation is to place them in locations that will ensure coverage for the entire property. When the installation of cameras is proper, it is possible to monitor the whole building and premises at one time. However, it can be confusing when trying to figure out the correct placement.

It may be helpful to find a commercial locksmith to help with the camera layout and installation. Some other tips that can help with this process are here.

Cover the Entire Perimeter

When putting security cameras outdoors, it is essential to make sure there is one installed on every building side. Also, make sure to cover the entire perimeter of the property. Putting cameras up at different angles will help ensure a maximum level of visibility. Installing cameras around the edge of the building will also help ensure 360-degree surveillance of the property, which is essential for proper monitoring.

Monitor Every Entrance

When putting up security cameras, make sure that a camera is pointing at each entryway and exit. It is also a good idea to monitor both the sides of these doorways, inside and outside the property. One of the best ways to keep track of anyone who comes in and leaves is by having cameras continuously recording activity at the doors. Also, if a break-in happens to occur, it is possible to gather evidence to convict them.

Make Sure the Cameras Are in Hard-to-Reach Areas

When installing security cameras, the installation should be in harder-to-reach locations. They need to be installed at a high level to ensure that no one can reach them. That will ensure that no tampering will occur. When someone tries to enter a commercial property, they may try to spray paint the lens, remove the cameras, or break them. They could even try to disable the feeds or cut the wires. Installing the security cameras entirely out of reach will help prevent burglars and other nefarious individuals from messing with the camera and keeping the building safe and sound.

Determine the Optimal Height

Keep in mind when you install the security cameras, the right height matters. The higher the installed cameras installed, the better the coverage is going to be. That is why it is good to install the cameras high enough to ensure adequate coverage and a maximum visibility level. However, if someone installs the cameras too high, they will not get the high-quality footage needed. If a security issue occurs, cameras that are too high won’t help identify who was at fault. It is an excellent idea to install the security cameras high enough to offer proper coverage while ensuring they are low enough to ensure detailed footage.

Cover Restricted and Secluded Areas

More secluded areas, such as dumpster pads and parking lots, seem to invite nefarious individuals. In these areas, someone may experience crimes such as assault and harassment. That is why it is essential to ensure that the security coverage in these areas is good, which will allow someone to monitor any type of suspicious activity and stop any kind of potentially threatening behavior. If a building or property has any restricted area, it is a good idea to install cameras to monitor these locations. With cameras, there is a deterrent to unwelcome and unwanted visitors.

Use Hidden and Visible Cameras

When it comes to installing commercial security cameras, it is a good idea to use both hidden and visible ones. The visible cameras are an excellent deterrent for any type of criminal activity. When someone sees a security camera, they are aware that someone is monitoring what they are doing. It also makes them much less likely to commit a crime. However, a visible camera can be damaged or vandalized. That is why hidden cameras are considered so important. They ensure someone can continue monitoring what is going on, even if one of the cameras happens to be damaged. Both types of cameras will provide superior monitoring capabilities, and the combination of the two can help deter any potential criminal while keeping a building and property secure.

Consider the Lighting

It is essential to think about the lighting when it comes to the installation of security cameras. In some areas, where lighting is not good, it will be impossible to see what is going on at night, even with the camera. That is why it is a good idea to install proper lighting. That will help ensure the security camera will offer useful footage and monitor what is going on at night. However, property owners do not want to provide lighting in certain areas of the property to invest in night vision security cameras. These are going to be able to monitor the darker areas.

Focus on Higher Traffic Areas

When putting security cameras up, many people will focus on the more secluded areas. That is because they believe that these are the areas that are much higher at risk. While it is essential to monitor private areas, it is also necessary to ensure that high-traffic locations are being adequately monitored. If some parts of the business or property get a consistent traffic flow, then it is a good idea to have a camera installed in the location.

Finding the Right Camera Matters

There are more than a few factors to consider when it comes to installing the right security cameras. Be sure to keep the tips and information here to ensure that no serious issues arise. Being informed will help ensure that the security cameras do their job and secure a business, regardless of where it is located or how big it may be.

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